Traditional and Baju Busana Muslim requirements

Grosir is a popular shopping engine for shoppers of Grosir Baju (wholesale clothes) at Tanah Abang, Indonesia where you can find numerous shops in a single platform. Prophet Mohammed warns before that there will come a time that people will wear clothes and yet appear naked.  For this Islam firmly bans see-through Baju Busana Muslim (Muslim fashion clothes).  Every dress must be thick enough that it will not show the curve or the color of the skin of the wearer.  Aside from the type and style of clothes, Islamic religion conveys that the individual must also be decorous and simple.  That means even they are wearing loose, thick and long garments, it must be designed in a plain and simple pattern.  Glittery and sparkling ornaments are also prohibited.


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Grosir Busana Muslim Tanah Abang